Are you Passionate?

Thanks, once again, to Chris The Story Reading Ape for putting my thoughts into a meme for me to post here.


It is not my intention to judge anyone by posting this meme. I do hope, however, that everyone will give some thought as to the real reason they began creating in the first place.


12 responses

    1. Thanks for the link, Tim!

  1. Love the meme, Chris! I would continue to write because I love it and have stories to tell. Thank you, Susan, for making us think. 😘

  2. Its a good meme. To be honest I find writing pretty hard work so I honestly don’t know the answer to it. But I would keep on making up stories in my head so I guess the answer is YES!!!!

  3. I love this meme. (Good job, Chris) And I love the thought behind it. If you don’t love to create, why do it?

  4. Great meme. Thanks for sharing. Right to the point – passion first then your work will have a truth to it. Money side of that passion will depend upon creative side becoming professional (paid a living wage) or amateur – neither are more or less creatively speaking.

    1. Thanks for the great meme, Chris!

      1. Welcome Susan 👍😃

  5. Absolutely beautiful! deep to the core… overwhelming feelings put into words. I love it! :-)claudine

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