THREE Trailers showing #TSRA Hall of Fame #Authors – A Blogaversary Present…

Wowee!! Congratulations to The Big Ape, Chris The Story Reading Ape, on three years of blogging and promoting all of us authors!! We love you, Chris, for all your support and enthusiasm, and many of us (I know, me included!) would not be where we are on the internet today without all the help you have so generously extended to the community. I’m making arrangements for an entire Geest Line shipload of bananas to be delivered direct to your door very soon!! Happy Anniversary!!!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

In thanks for all those authors who have supported and contributed to The Story Reading Ape’s Blogfor the past THREE YEARS, (Blogaversary TODAY), I thought it would be nice for you to be recognised AND to give you something you can display on your own blogs and websites…


Here are THREE Author Hall of Fame Promo Trailers (with music Tracks) that you are FREE to use, refer or link to, reblog, tweet, share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, StumbleUponand many other places.

If you can’t remember when you first entered the Hall of Fame, go to it HERE, find YOUR name, click on it, and see the date (top of article) your Guest Author article was posted.

NOTE: If you posted updated or other articles after the first one, find the links to the previous ones in the latest article revealed and follow all…

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  1. THANK YOU SUSAN – It’s my pleasure to get to know all of you talented writers and call you FRIENDS 👍😃🐵😄🍷🍾

    1. Hey! You can’t fool me … I know you’re just in this for the bananas! 😉

      1. 😱🙀 DRAT – my evil plan to dominate the world’s Banana Plantations has been uncovered 👿😄😄😄

      2. Yeah, I was on to you all along! I always knew you were mainly interested in my Caribbean location because of the bananas growing on our property.

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