…eeeee-easy does it… Susan M. Toy spells out the ‘print versus eBooks’ issue…

Thanks to Seumas Gallacher for inviting me back again to his blog so that I could vent about a particular bugbear …

Seumas Gallacher

…my dear pal, Authoress, Susan Toy knows what she’s talking about when it comes to books… she’s seen the business from several angles, including selling ‘em, promoting ‘em, writing ‘em, and blogging about ‘em… her Guest Post today blows away a few urban myths about the expected longevity both of print and eBooks…


Not so fast, Print-Lovers!

By Susan M. Toy

Thanks to Seumas Gallacher for agreeing to host me, once again, by posting this rant guest post on a topic that has me particularly steamed … or fried, actually.

Last evening, when I began making dinner, I asked Dennis if he thought I should slice the potatoes into rounds instead of the usual sticks to make fries, just for a change. (Belgian Fries, actually, since I’m half-Belgian.)

He made a face – really! – and said, “But then they won’t be fries!”

“But they’ll still be potatoes I’m frying…

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