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I’m reblogging this post I wrote in Sept. 2015, because it seemed like the right time to bring attention to some ideas I’ve collected on attractng readers – and also because it links to an earlier post from April 2014 in which I explain an incredibly brilliant idea I had that I call My Purple Cow …

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If you’ve written and published a book—and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve taken the traditional or self-published route—you’ll be anxious to find people who want to read that book . . . because that’s why you wrote it in the first place, right?

I’m not talking here about book sales and making money from what you’ve written, because as I’ve said many times before, most authors will be lucky to make enough from their writing to cover out-of-pocket cash expenses, let alone any kind of a profit at all. I’ve argued long and hard with those who express disappointment at the meagre return they’ve seen, if any, for all their labour, but I am going to repeat again here—money should not be the reason you write or publish. This is why I have also advocated for a “Most Read” list to determine a book’s success, rather than the…

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4 responses

  1. An interesting concept, but how to measure it?

    1. That’s the problem. But are the bestseller lists any better measurement – or accurate?

  2. Thanks very useful! I especially like your point that “most read” would be a better measure of a books success. I agree.

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