Food, glorious food … prepared on Bequia!

We haven’t been cooking anything unusual lately here on Bequia, other than regular meals to sustain us. But we have used freshly grown local pumpkins recently picked from our own vines:



And we made this:


A Caribbean Pumpkin Soup recipe I developed a number of years ago …
And this:


Beef Curry (recipe from cooked inside a whole Pumpkin.

Then I got back into baking bread again …


Two loaves each of Rye with Caraway Seeds and 100% Whole Wheat.

Finally, here’s one of my most favourite desserts to prepare for company – Bequia Lime Pie! Not only is it always delicious and a surprise to those who haven’t eaten it before, but the recipe is super-easy to prepare, calling for few ingredients. (And I have this recipe memorized since I’ve made it so many times.)


So, there you have it – gastronomic delights from Bequia!

And the good news for those of you looking for any of these recipes … “some” will be included in my next novel, One Woman’s Island!


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  1. […] We haven't been cooking anything unusual lately here on Bequia, other than regular meals to sustain us.  […]

  2. Oh man … my mouth’s watering.

  3. The smells from your kitchen are heavenly even from waayy over here. 😀
    I don’t often eat bread (or try not to) but the rye with caraway has my mouth watering.

  4. I love the idea of the curry cooked in the pumpkin and the dessert sounds mouth wateringly delicious.

    1. It was! (That’s one of the recipes I’ll be including in my next book.)

  5. Looks so delicious! Now I’m hungry. There’s nothing like fresh grown food, is there? And the bread looks so good that I think I’m going to eat my computer screen, lol. Cheers and happy, happy.

  6. Just reading about this food puts you in an island mood. Brilliant to cook curry in the pumpkin!

  7. It all looks so good! Clever idea to cook the curry in a pumpkin.

    1. The only problem was we cooked it a bit too long and it almost disintegrated before we could scoop out the curry!

  8. Looks delicious Susan and I would imagine the curry cooked in the Pumpkin would taste amazing.

    1. It did! (That was my idea to cook it like that!)

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    Susan Toy with a Bequia Island feast.. just need the time to arrive!

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