The View – Old Year’s Night on Bequia!

From over at my other blog – how we’ll be spending Old Year’s Night at The View!

The View From My Trailer and Verandah

Since we first began visiting the island, we’ve spent almost every New Year’s Eve celebration on Bequia.

The first, was when we arrived on Dec. 31, 1988, and had no idea at all what to expect – from the island, the people, or their celebrations. Having just travelled all the way to the Caribbean from Calgary – a trip which at that time took us two days and an overnight in St. Vincent – we were bushed and went to bed before 12:00, only to be wakened shortly thereafter by what sounded like gunfire.

DSC00543We were staying at the then-still-open Plantation House, in one of the little cabins, since the central building had recently burned to the ground. The open-air bar was doubling as a reception/office and restaurant for the time being. We had never been big on New Year’s Eve celebrations in any case, as neither of us like…

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  1. One day I would love to visit this island.

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