Holiday gift exchange …

We’re at that gift-giving time of year, a time which becomes a frenzy to far too many out there. Not for me, nor for Dennis, since we haven’t exchanged gifts in years. Once we bought the land on Bequia and built the house we figured that was worth a lifetime of gifts for both of us. Besides, we really don’t “do” Christmas around here – that’s mainly true for me, after all the years working retail and being so exhausted by Christmas Eve that I really couldn’t enjoy the couple of days I had off work.

(And in an aside, I actually hate shopping. Coincidentally, Seth Godin posted this to his blog today about Shopping that pretty much sums up the activity.)

Then we started spending Christmas and New Year on Bequia, where the season is celebrated, but in a much less frantic fashion.

But I don’t begrudge others their holidays – no matter which holiday you are celebrating at this time of year. Dennis still insists on putting up our Christmas tree (never before Christmas Eve!!!) although I sometimes believe the cats enjoy the tree more than I do, or at least they enjoy the boxes the tree is stored in throughout the rest of the year.


Don’t get me wrong! It’s not a Bah-Humbug! situation here at The View. More like, Christmas Day is just another day, but with a big turkey dinner at the end of it. Which, come to think of it, the cats again also benefit by enjoying … Maybe we should call it Cat-mas Day around our house.

So, where I’m going with this is that, while we don’t participate in gift-giving, sending Christmas cards or email newsletters, or general partying to celebrate the season, I do want to thank all my readers – of all four blogs – Books: Publishing, Reading, Writing, Reading Recommendations, reading recommendations reviewed, and The View From My Trailer and Verandah – and of my published novels – Island in the Clouds and That Last Summer – and tell you how much I have appreciated your support throughout this past year. It has meant a lot to me that so many have followed, reblogged, shared, commented, reviewed my books, invited me to guest blog, and have become online friends. And because of this I’m very happy to help you with your own gift-giving!

So, if you have someone on your list you’d like to treat, and that treat can be sent by email, please send me an email (susanmtoy (at) and I will offer you the suggestion of a free gift. You may even be a Secret Santa, should you choose to remain anonymous as the sender. And if you review one of my books again, or rate it on Goodreads, or post something on your blog about me and my books, or like my book’s Facebook page for the first time, I’ll give you a second suggestion for another gift you might like to give to a different friend.

It’s as easy as that!

Thanks for all the help you’ve given to me – now let me help you! This way we all get to spread some cheer around the Internet and blogosphere for a couple of weeks!

(This offer ends on Jan 6th, which happens to be Ukrainian Little Christmas. We do celebrate that holiday, because it means perogies and cabbage rolls for dinner for Dennis!)

In the meantime, back to the cats … (Thanks to Chris The Story Reading Ape for posting this just at the right time!)


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