Oh, Readers … Take 3

This is the third in a series of blog posts I’ve written directly addressing Readers. I’ve wanted to discover the answers to many questions I know are of interest to other authors, as well. First there was Oh, Readers . . . where art thou? then Oh, Readers … Take 2.

Since first posting in Jan. 2015, I continued to gather interesting articles and pertinent information on Readers, reading, why we read, and how choices are made, and thought I would list them here in a separate blog post. Please feel free to make comments or observations below this post. I want to hear from more of you about what you think. I’d especially like to hear from you if you know of any new and/or effective ways for Authors to reach their Readers.

Happy Reading!


From Seth Godin: Did you do the reading? and Hypergrowth

From LitWorld: Benefits of Reading
From Rachel Poli: Benefits of Reading (infographic)

Reading Suggestions:
Read the World
2015 – Best books read so far
Best Books Read in 2015
Reading Recommendations
reading recommendations reviewed

From mylittlebookblog: The Pitfulls and Perils of Being a Reader

From Writers Write: 3 Reasons To Invest Precious Time In A Good Book

From Berfrois: Pioneers in the Digital Snow

From The New Yorker: The History of “Loving” to Read

From Chris The Story Reading Ape’s blog: Suggestions for Improving Our Reading Survey and You READ – but do you leave REVIEWS?

From BOOKRIOT: The 42 Traits of The Perfect Reader

From The Adventures of a Bookworm: A Reader’s Ramblings On Self Promotion

From The Washington Post: How to get kids to read independently

From Dear Author: A culture of reading, or a culture of buying?

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