Let’s get one thing straight!

It seems to be time to reblog this post I wrote in May 2015 about “real” books and misconceptions about what that actually means … Please remember: All “formats” of books are REAL books!!

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I can’t believe that, after all this time since eBooks first hit the market, I would need to write a rant like this, so please bear with me …

On June 1, 2014, I published this blog post, No more “vs.” – Okay?, because I was weary of all the adversity that has proliferated in this writing and book business over the decades I’ve been part of it. I don’t know that my post made the slightest bit of difference, but getting all that off my chest at least made me feel a bit better.

There is one “vs.” though that still seems to be prevalent out there. And I see this being said often enough to make me want to reach into cyberspace and shake those who continue to do this, telling them to “Stop Right There!”

Stop referring to Print books as “REAL” books! Just stop it right…

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  1. Agree with your definition, and ‘horses for courses’ whichever FORMAT suits the individual. I write fiction so does that make them ‘real’ books as the characters are imaginary? 😀 (Apologies for teasing.) x

    1. Thanks for your humour, Voinks! This topic certainly needs some.

  2. Funny, I guess a lot of people don’t realize what you’re just saying… real vs. unreal… or what?
    It is maybe matter of personal taste, ohh yes I know… of money as well… but nothing can take the place of a “solid” book with crispy pages and the sensuous smell of paper and ink. Even if you have to go for a 4 week round about… (but I guess you don’t find time to read) there is still space for a paper-back, isn’t it?
    Out there is a lot of fuss about books or e-books… let them choose without being too conservative.
    As myself? Ohh, I need (it’s a kind of urgency) to hold a “solid” book between my hands, better if with more than 400 pages!
    Best wishes for the upcoming hollidays… 🙂 with a lot of interesting readings and writings :-)claudine

    1. I’m afraid you’re missing my point, Claudine. I’m not saying that one format is better than the other here, and I am not faulting anyone for their preference of one format over another. You’re correct in stating that’s a matter of taste, though. Everyone is different and each reads in whichever way they choose. That’s not the problem I’m addressing here.

      What I’m getting at is a matter of semantics – too many people mistakenly substitute the word “real” for “print” when what we authors are writing and publishing ARE ALL REAL BOOKS But those REAL books ane then made available in the two different formats of “print” or “eBook”.

      We need to refer to the actual formats rather than luming only one of those under the name “real”.

      It’s up to us, as authors and publishers, to make those REAL books we’re writing available in whichever format our readers choose to read them.

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