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Not only another post from Carin Makuz’s brilliant The Litter I See Project, but this one is written by my good friend, the most-excellent Calgary author, Betty Jane Hegerat! I am very pleased to share with all my readers. (And if this is the first time you’ve visited Carin’s blog or heard of this project, please take some time to read what it’s all about.)

The Litter I See Project


I’ve dropped three of the four pieces of litter in a construction dumpster. I’m on my way to a reading at Loft 112 in the East Village in Calgary, an area in transition. New, new, new, springing up around the over-crowded refuges and their clientele.

I’m doing this because our mayor, Naheed Nenshi told me to. No, no. He didn’t tell me to go to the reading, although if he’d personally invited me I would have been there half an hour early. If I’m lucky I’ll arrive before the break and in time for wine. If I’m lucky, before I get there I’ll also dispose of litter #4, an envelope I’ve wrapped in several layers of crumpled tissue and stuffed into the deep pocket of my raincoat.

No, the challenge our mayor issued to the good citizens of Calgary was to keep our city clean, to pick up litter wherever we…

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