10 ways to promote your novel for free

Some great ideas in one handy list for any author to consider if they’re trying to find “free” promotion for their books!

Helena Fairfax

Sharon Boothroyd, along with her husband Keith, runs a free e-zine for fiction lovers called KISHBOO. The magazine has gone from strength to strength since its launch, and yet Sharon, as a canny Yorkshirewoman, has spent nothing at all on advertising.

Sharon kindly offered to share some of her promotional tips today. Thanks for dropping in with your advice, Sharon. (As a hard-pressed writer and fellow-Yorkshirewoman, you had me at the word “free”!)

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by Sharon Boothroyd


Every writer must take publicity seriously.

I’m the editor of a non- profit (yet successful) e-magazine KISHBOO We launched our project in October 2014 – and guess what?

We haven’t paid a single penny for advertising.

Would you like free publicity? Here’s ten tips for you to follow:

1 Network

I already knew quite a few writers who…

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    1. Thanks for creating the list, Sharon!

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