Let’s Bully the Bullies!

I was not planning on making any political comments publicly, even though there are three very important political races either happening or about to happen that will have an impact on me personally, and so many other people I know. (I am eligible to vote in two of these elections.) So, in keeping with my “silence is golden” policy, I won’t be mentioning any specific names here, but I do think it’s time to talk about this subject of political bullies that I’ve been contemplating for a while.

In 2012, I wrote the blog post, Deflating the Bullies, explaining my own experience with having been bullied, both during my school years and as an adult. Interesting that when I listed the types of bullies the victims encounter regularly, I also included political bullies.

The reason why I’ve been giving this a lot of thought lately is, as I said above, there are elections being held that will affect me. There are also still far too many political bullies in power in a number of countries around the world who are using their elected positions to run rampant over their own citizens and the citizens of other countries.

What I cannot understand is why, oh why, after all the attention that bullying on a personal level has received, are we allowing people like this to run for political office – supporting them and voting them in … or back in, even after they’ve proven themselves to be nothing but “schoolyard” bullies who victimise others in order to get ahead and keep themselves in a position of power? (Some of these political bullies are still stealing our lunch money, only now it’s on a much grander scale of millions rather than just a few dollars.)

Have we not learned anything? We work hard to bully-proof our children, teaching them what to do when they’re bullied (ignore the bully and report their actions); we post signs in offices and other places of employment telling everyone that no form of abuse or harassment will be tolerated; there have been hundreds of news stories published and posted about the problem of bullying in general. Yet we allow known bullies to run for public office, even vote them into office, and then can’t get rid of them. (I could name a number of countries where this particular situation exists.) These bullies are absolutely not interested in your welfare or maintaining a functioning government in which they will serve the people who voted them into office. They are only interested in themselves, in stroking their own egos, lining their own pockets, and wielding power over everyone beneath them.

Surely the world deserves better than voting in yet another bully. Bad enough there are so many countries where bullies seize power, without the necessity of holding elections, and the people (their victims) can never get rid of them. Unless those bullies are forced out of office. Or assassinated.

So what if we were to start ignoring these political bullies? Or, better yet, call them out for the bullies that they are, and not allow them to run for office in the first place.

The entire world deserves better than being subjected to a bunch of schoolyard bullies!

Teach Your Children Well was originally written in September, 2012, as an entry for the 3-Day Novel Contest. I have decided to offer this novella as a free download Susan M. Toy – Teach Your Children Well after writing today’s blog post. It is hoped that Teach Your Children Well will resonate with readers who have either experienced bullying first-hand or been a witness to bullying, whether at school, in the workplace, or within their own family. If you are aware of a bullying situation, please speak up. Let’s expose the bullies for what they are and take away their power!


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  1. I like to think that both countries I have lived in – Canada and Switzerland (and both are having federal elections very soon) – only have politicians that want the very best for their people. But I’m sure there are some bullies there too.
    Comparing school to government – I was shocked the first time I sat in the ‘stands’ of a provincial gov’t in Canada. Everything we’d taught our kids not to do they were doing…

    1. Sometimes politicians can be more childish than most children.

  2. I’d say Ban the Bullies, but a much better approach would be to enlighten them.

    1. Some still refuse though to be enlightened, thinking themselves to be the victims.

  3. The public school is the ideal culture medium for bullying.

    1. I assume you mean “public school” as in the UK education system. If so, you are very correct.Thanks for reading and commenting.

      1. Actually, I meant it in the American sense–although I’ve always heard of bullying in the UK public schools, which in the US would be called “private schools”–two countries separated by a common language.

      2. Yes, and I still agree with you.

  4. What troubles me is that so many bullies are elected by a populace. What does it say about the people who vote for these characters?!

    1. That had me wondering, too. It’s like the old days of snake-oil salesmen and flim-flam men.

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