An update on roasting coffee beans in a pizza oven on Bequia

Way back in December, 2013, I published this guest blog post written by Dennis Ference about his adventures with coffee production on St. Vincent and roasting beans in our own pizza oven.

He held back some of the beans for planting and has been tending to about seven trees that are growing in our garden and next door. He’s thrilled to now report that beans have formed on our plants!

8 Sept 15 165

8 Sept 15 163

“There’ll be about enough for one pot of coffee, once the beans ripen and are roasted,” he tells me. So he’s not ready just yet to become the next Juan Valdez, and we won’t be in the market for a donkey.

I wonder if cats could ever be trained to carry those bags to market … Definitely not Zoom, but Emme might do it. This would be more Zoom’s style.

3 responses

  1. Little cats with back packs with coffee logos. A video would go viral for sure.

    1. Yeah, that would be about as easy to organize as, well, herding cats …

  2. How exciting!! Love the video of the cat in the coffee shop!

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