Happy Birthday, Van Morrison!

Van Morrison

And thank you for providing me with a lifetime of music, since I first really “heard” and listened to Brown-Eyed Girl about 50 years ago, when I was still a Little Schoolgirl.

Oh, true. You weren’t my first musical love. That position was held by The Beach Boys and The Beatles, simultaneously. And we did break up, you and I, for almost a couple of decades, until you wrote Moondance. By that time, I’d been in-and-out of musical love so many times, because my band heroes had either split up, or died, or just stopped producing great music, that when I “heard” you again I was good-and-ready for a true and lasting musical love affair, for the rest of my life.

But there you were all those lost years, still writing, and performing, and producing your unique songs. I had a lot of catching up to do!

So I bought all your CDs and have kept up with you ever since. One song, possibly the best love song ever written, has remained my all-time favourite … Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

Although I’ve never seen you in concert. I thought that was going to finally happen this September, since we were to be in Toronto at the same time. But with ticket prices beginning at $100, I just could not justify seeing you with an enormous crowd of fans, inevitably sitting in a bad seat, inevitably disappointed. After all, I wanted you to sing just for me, since we’ve had this thing going on for nigh on 50 years now. My other preference would have been to catch you at a spontaneous jam session, perhaps with The Chieftains or Mark Knopfler, in a Dublin pub. Now THAT would have been some concert!

DSC00276 Instead, I’ll have to be content with listening to your CDs. Lord knows, I have enough songs here to fill 15 or 20 concerts! When I get up early in the mornings to read, for instance, I like to listen to the two-CD set, Hymns to the Silence. It’s like you’re right there, quietly speaking to me, speaking through your brilliant lyrics and music. It’s a beautiful way to begin any day. Today, the lake reflected your music perfectly … Into the Mystic, indeed!


(Check my other blog for more photos and a video from this morning.)

So, thank you, once again, Van Morrison, for providing me with a playlist for my entire life.


Oh, and my slap-happiest song of all has to be Bright Side of the Road, because it always has me smiling, dancing and singing along whenever I hear it!

4 responses

  1. There are many of us in this love affair with Van Morrison’s music and lyrics. Listening to it as you start each day, finish each day or any time of the day, is the best. Don’t be disappointed that you haven’t seen him perform live. I have, and it was disappointing. Just enjoy the listening experience, it’s the best way. 🙂

  2. Love Van Morrison!! Sounds like the perfect music to complement your peaceful surroundings right now 🙂

  3. I’ve always loved Van since I was a little girl. “Into The Mystic” “And It Stoned Me” and “Gypsy” are my favorites of all his songs. Happiest of Days to you Van and thanks so much for the music.

  4. Great music. And yes, better to avoid the crowd and any disappointment. That scenery you have right now – and the music. Can’t get much better

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