Beware the Experts

Very good advice from Tricia Drammeh at Authors to Watch!

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Experts. They’re everywhere. Self-publishing experts, social media experts, writing experts… the list goes on and on.

How can you tell if someone is an expert in their field? Anyone can claim to be an expert. Not everyone who claims to be an expert is an expert. They lack credentials, experience, and sometimes integrity. They sell services to unsuspecting authors and pad their own pockets by destroying a writer’s dreams.

I know an author who paid a “professional” to edit and format her book. When she tried to upload the book, it looked a mess on Kindle. It wouldn’t pass Createspace’s review. Her “formatted” file was useless. When she asked for help in a writer’s group we both belong to, I offered to look at her file. Wow. Not only was the formatting horrible, the editing was a mess too. When I skimmed the document in an attempt to clean up…

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  1. Thanks, Tricia and Susan, for sharing this vital information. 🙂

  2. Expats. Experts. Headed over to read. Thanks

  3. Thanks for sharing, Susan.

  4. I nearly read, ‘Beware the Expats’. 😉 but it’s a good post.

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