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Aside from the suggestion in the box below, if you truly cannot afford to purchase an author’s work, you may always recommend to your local library that they consider adding either the print or eBook version (or both!) to their collection. Then you, and other patrons, may read the book and the author makes at least one sale. And every bit of exposure like this helps us immensely!


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  2. People are cheap. When my first novel was published in 1986, my neighbor was quick to ask, “When’s it gonna be a TV movie?” Hard to believe someone can’t afford a $1.99 kindle book–when they’ll shell out $15 to see a crummy movie.

    1. Perhaps not cheap as much as just not appreciating the actual value and worth of our writing and those creations of other artists. We now have a society (raised on free network/commercial television and mass production) where entertainment is consumed at a great rate and the thinking is that all art is just another form of cheap entertainment. I absolutely refused, when I worked in the publishing business, to ever refer to books as “product” because that, to my mind, cheapens the authors’ hard work, and the professional work (editing, design) that goes into creating the art of a book. This too is why we need those champions of our work, those few people who truly do believe in what we do, who understand and appreciate what we create, who will help spread the word, and proclaim that what we do does actually have value, and is definitely worth more than a mere $1.99.

      1. I am happy to say I do count a few people like that among my readers.

        The $1.99 is the price for my “Bell Mountain” in Kindle format. When amazon.com gave it away for free last year, over 2,000 readers snapped it up in just five days. Then the price went up $2 and the party was over.

      2. I haven’t gone the “Free on Amazon” by choice. I prefer to hold contests on my blog and run giveaways of the print edition. I have also offered copies to help raise funds for various causes. Quite often I hear from people who have won a copy that they prefer to purchase it instead, or that they wish to buy a copy for someone else. Plus those readers are generally happy with the idea of being included in my mailing list, so I can build up a fan base for when the next novel is released. Which I hope will be very soon …

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