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The View From My Trailer and Verandah

I was at the Rec Hall this afternoon availing myself of the free WIFI service when a very young girl let loose behind me in a total tantrum, and screamed louder and longer than I thought possible for a girl that small. The mother couldn’t control her daughter at all, and it was long past the point of reasoning with her, so they thankfully left the building. I never wanted children of my own for good reason, and I don’t tolerate the children of others very well. Still, I didn’t say anything or even make a face. I just shoved the buds a little deeper into my ear canals then packed up and left the hall shortly after. As I was walking back to the trailer, this story I wrote many years ago about my own mother’s parenting techniques came to mind. I thought I would share it with you.

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  1. Good piece, Susan. You can reason with some children, but also have to make it clear there are some things you won’t tolerate. There are all kinds of children so the same thing won’t work with all.

  2. “Reasoning with her”? Dream on!

    1. I’ve known many parents who have been under the illusion they can reason with their young children. They have never seemed to learn, though.

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