Another Page – Social media and me, Part 2

This one may be about you …

The View From My Trailer and Verandah

I found it necessary today to unfriend someone on Facebook. Now, I didn’t make this decision lightly. It was a person who had sent me a friend request a short while ago and I accepted because, although I hadn’t known the person in any way previously we had several friends in common. The person began regularly liking then commenting on my status updates, but as I had chosen recently to cut back on my social media use in general I did not follow their updates so was not commenting likewise. I just do not have time at the moment. Which is why I wrote this first blog post about it last week, putting more of a positive spin on the situation: Another Page – Social media and me …

Following now is, for me, the negative side of social media.

Unfortunately, this person had chosen to make comments on both…

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  1. I recently unfriended 300 people on FB. I didn’t know or remember friending them. I had heard that some people were able to join your friend list without asking, but I didn’t think they could. Apparently they can.

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