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It’s as simple as A, B, C, D, E, F … Gee! What are you waiting for??? You couldn’t ask for better promotion for yourself as an author than The Story Reading Ape’s blog! (And, come to think of it, I myself am overdue to revisit the Friendly Ape’s site. Thanks for the reminder, Chris!)

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1. Why do I ask my new Guest Authors to write about themselves, rather than about their book(s)?


Because there are already an excessive number of ‘Buy My Book’ spam tweets, promos and the like already circulating around Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Blogs and many other media, so potential readers usually switch off and turn away from them.


It satisfies humankind’s natural curiosity, aka nosiness, about other people, especially those who have done something the vast majority of others may never do themselves, i.e., written books and actually published them.


It takes authors out of their normal comfort zone, making them learn how to talk about themselves without sounding pompous, self-serving, conceited, etc.

This is also a useful talent when dealing with Agents, Publishers, etc, as well 😀


It gives authors the opportunity to prove and demonstrate their writing talents are not just limited to the books…

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  1. I’m an Ape follower and he did an interview on me. I am making the rounds promoting my book. I like that each blogger has their own style of interviewing. It means that every time I appear, the interview or book review is different. There are readers who might see me over and over again. If each interview is different, Readers won’t get bored, but will find each blog different and interesting. Hopefully it will inspire them to buy a book. Even if they don’t buy a book at least they’ll keep reading because I’m interesting.

    1. And even though many of us bloggers and authors tend to preach to the same central corps, we also all have unique followers, so by appearing on many sites you not only receive a different interview, but your writing is exposed to new readers who may not otherwise have heard of you. That’s also been my strategy.

      I’ve taken that one step further and created a list of links on my own blog of every blog or site where I have been interviewed, reviewed, or mentioned favourably. That way potential readers can see exactly how widespread my promotion has been, and I’m not depending solely on reeling readers in with Amazon reviews.

      Thanks for commenting, MythRider, and best of luck with your book!

      1. Thanks. I believe the same thing about getting the word out. I’ve just started. I’m also working on making each interview different so those who keep seeing me will have something new to read and not become bored with me.

  2. 😀 😀 😀 Many Thanks for spreading the word Susan – and the great intro 😀

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