How Many Tools are in Your Writing Toolbox?

From Tim Baker, a great reminder of what all writers need in their writing toolbox …


In the world of professional baseball, teams send scouts to colleges (sometimes even high schools) to evaluate young talent.

There are five aspects of the game that these scouts look for, and naturally, the more areas a player excels at, the higher he is rated—they are hitting for power, hitting for average, fielding, throwing and speed.


A player who demonstrates proficiency in all five of these areas is rare, and is referred to as a five-tool-player.

Bo Jackson, Mike Schmidt and Kirby Puckett are a few examples of such elite players.

Naturally, it isn’t necessary to be a five-tool player to be successful in Major League Baseball, but obviously it is to a player’s advantage to possess strength in as many of the five as possible.

So it is, too, with writing.


You don’t have to be a five-tool-writer to be successful, but you should work to excel…

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  1. When you think about it, this is a good comparison. (They always say write so that the ordinary person can relate to things in their lives). Nice find. Thanks

  2. Good article. Thanks for sharing it.

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