Calling all authors support your libraries

I’d like to add to this that it’s a known statistic: readers who borrow books from libraries are generally also book buyers. So if authors think giving their books to libraries is counterproductive to selling books … think again! By placing your book in a library you expose it to many, many more readers. Plus librarians and libraries rock and promote literacy in the community, so it’s a great thing you do in supporting them!



Let’s start a movement!! If you write, donate your signed books to your local library and volunteer to read them. You get followers and future readers they get you in person.

If you have books donate them to small libraries that have so few and little money to buy more.

Get involved. Children that read get ahead. Ereaders are great but there is nothing like the adventure of going to a library and finding that perfect book. Take your kids get them a card. It is better for their minds and health.

Please reblog and share this post so we get the word out that libraries need our support. We don’t want to see a day when they are no longer there.

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