Hiring an Editor is Not the Place to Cut Corners

I can’t agree more with Tim Baker’s excellent post – good editors are worth their weight in gold and you should expect to pay professionals for their advice when making your books the best they can be! Oh, and don’t rush the process either, because editing a book should take time and never be completed according to some arbitrary agenda you may have.


Back in 2003 I left a really well-paying job to start my own home improvement business. It was a questionable decision at best, and I quickly learned that whatever skills I possessed as a carpenter were trumped by my complete inadequacy as a business man. Despite the inevitable failure of my business, I did learn several lessons, some of which translate nicely to my writing endeavors.

One such piece of “tool belt wisdom” came to mind recently when another author friend of mine was complaining about the cost of hiring an editor.  tool belt

You’ve heard the old adage any lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client? It’s the same for authors who try to self-edit.

Every author needs an editor – this fact is non-negotiable.

The reasons you should always hire a qualified professional editor are numerous, and not the topic of this post. The important thing…

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