…Susan Toy outlines 10 Ways To Kill Your Writing… PART FOUR…

This is the 4th part of a 5-part series I’ve written that is currently being hosted by Seumas Gallacher on his blog.

Seumas Gallacher


…I’m delighted to run a five-days consecutive series of posts from my terrific pal, Author, Susan Toy, for every author to enjoy and prob’ly learn lots from… here’s PART FOUR :

10 Ways to Kill Your Writing

This 5-part article is from a talk I gave at the Calgary Public Library Writers’ Weekend Feb. 4, 2012.

Thanks to all of you for reading this series that is very kindly being hosted by the ONE, the ONLY, SEUMAS GALLACHER!

 Part 4

  1. Don’t / do follow the rules

Rules are made to be obeyed and rules are meant to be broken. But you can’t obey or break them unless you first read and understand them. This holds true not only for writing, but also for submitting your manuscript and for publishing it.

Once you know and understand the rules of the business, you may work with them and redefine, to…

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