Congratulations #Authors – One battle won against #Copyright #Infringement – UPDATE…

An update from Chris The Story Reading Ape on our efforts to stop these piracy sites …

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To keep you posted after my post about CONFIRMED COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT NOTIFICATION yesterday and to let you see that you are NOT ALONE in the battle against it, here are the statistics on the post at the time of writing THIS post:

373 visitors viewed the post published at 20:12 pm last night.

TEN of them re-blogged it, thereby spreading the word FAST.

To see the all responses, look at the comments under the article HERE, however, here is a rough timeline of significant events:

At 21:56 pm, The following comment was received: 

Update: I also sent them a message through Facebook demanding they remove it. They responded:”hi ******, all book grab automatically from many source. we are apologize if your book published in our site. please contact us via with your book title list and we will remove it in 1x24hours. thanks” I informed them I…

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  1. Author Rebecca Heishman

    You’re right…..just because they have dismantled, it doesn’t mean they will not reinvent themselves under a different guise. To me, these are terrifying people, akin to cyber-terrorists. It might not have been about the books at all. The purpose of it could have been the procurement of people’s credit card information. They may have been using the books as bait. This has made me much more aware of similar sites. I’m proud of the way you guys took them down. Smart people in large groups can make a difference!

    1. I’m just so tired of all these greedy people who run scams to defraud honest hard-working people of their money. If these criminals spent half as much time putting in a good day’s work at a legitimate job they’d be further ahead, in the end. The biggest problem with cyber-crimes is that the perpetrators are very difficult to find and convict, so they’re able to strike again and again and again. It’s very important that those of us who have had problems with sites like these warn others and educate the public in general to stay away, not to click on them, and report them wherever possible.

      1. Author Rebecca Heishman

        Absolutely. The thing that always comes to my mind when I think of these people is the fact that they are obviously intelligent. They have the potential to do great good in the world with their talent and skills. They are such wastes of humanity, and it’s all because of the choices they make in life.

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