#Authors – Why Many Book Promos are like Driving a Car

Chris The Story Reading Ape with some brilliant insight as to Why Many Book Promos are like Driving a Car. (And I’m reblogging this because recently I posted, Here, let me help you with that promotion … explaining how authors can receive promotion for their own books by promoting other authors, and I actually received a comment from a previously unknown-to-me author promoting his book and asking for reviews. I deleted the comment. So this author was definitely guilty of “parking illegally” but I would add to that, he also guilty of neither reading nor obeying the traffic signs.

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Many authors do their book promos as if they’re driving a car.

The most common way is the ‘Drive everywhere at high speed’ author.

(Post everywhere as fast and often as possible)

Another (probably related) seems to be the ‘Jumping the red STOP lights’ type of author.

(Sending friendship / follow automatic greetings of BUY MY / LIKE MY regardless of the other person’s feelings, intentions or the fact that their only crime was to express an interest)

Finally, the latest growing craze is to ‘Park illegally’.

(Posting their book adverts under other people’s posts, especially on Facebook)

The authors who do any, or all, the above just don’t seem to realise that they are nothing short of being STUPID (expletive deleted) PESTS – and more seriously (for them) HAVE LOST MANY MORE SALES THAN THEY GAINED…

They’ve also been driving like maniacs through heavy traffic and left a lot…

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5 responses

  1. Thanks, Susan, for reblogging that excellent post and to Chris for writing it. 🙂

  2. Shifted gears from Reading Ape to here. It’s a great comparison. There always seems to be those drivers who think smiling broadly and waving will excuse anything.
    Tricia’s right with her comment

  3. I loved this post. The authors who use every opportunity to drop their buying link and run are only hurting themselves in the long run. They’re alienating other writers and killing potential sales.

    1. And, conversely, another new-to-me author left a comment that added to the conversation, he checked out and followed both my blogs, “liked” my About page (so I knew he had read actually taken an interest in ME), shared and retweeted the blog post THEN asked, very politely, if I would consider promoting his book on Reading Recommendations. He will now be featured there, because I liked what I saw when I checked him out but, more importantly, he hadn’t used my comments section as his own personal promotion forum first.

  4. Unfortunately Authors, unlike Drivers, are not legally bound to take eyesight tests or know the (Highway) Code of Conduct 😀
    Thanks for re-blogging Susan 😀

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