Sunset, Moonset – Bequia-style

From four years ago, because it’s almost that day, once again …

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It’s getting to be that time of year – on the 27th of February, the sun sets into the sea again. Or, at least, we can see the sun setting into the sea from our verandah on Bequia. From the time between Oct. 27th (Dennis’ birthday) and Feb. 27th, the sun is still too far south and sets behind the southwestern stretch of the island that ends in Moonhole. So the return of sun-into-sea-sets is a time for celebration! Although, any excuse for a party, really… And, truthfully, when you watch the sun set in the Caribbean, you do want it to drop down into the sea, because of the chance of glimpsing a green flash – the wonderful phenomenon that occurs just at that split second the remaining light drops below the horizon. You can read the technical explanation for it here, and if you still don’t believe…

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