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Here’s the wrap-up post about my 5-part series on Marketing that ran on The Story Reading Ape blog. Thanks to Chris Graham for crunching these numbers showing the series to have been a great success!

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As a demonstration of how to put into practice; and get results from, what Susan Toy was telling you in her great 5 day series, we decided that a few statistics, based on the series, would be interesting:


Part ONE has had 351 views, 104 likes, 60 Comments, 54 tweets, 58 uploads to Facebook, 33 uploads to LinkedIn and 13 reblogs

Part TWO has had 232 views, 88 likes, 57 Comments, 34 tweets, 56 uploads to Facebook, 21 uploads to LinkedIn and 11 reblogs

Part THREE has had 186 views, 73 likes, 38 Comments, 23 tweets, 51 uploads to Facebook, 22 uploads to LinkedIn and 9 reblogs

Part FOUR has had 155 views, 66 likes, 36 Comments, 21 Comments, 16 tweets, 31 uploads to Facebook, 26 uploads to LinkedIn and 7 reblogs

Part FIVE has had 172 views, 72 likes, 18 tweets, 47 uploads to Facebook, 25 uploads…

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  1. Thanks, Susan! This is an excellent series on publishing and marketing written by someone who has extensive experience in all aspects of the sector. I have had four books published by traditional publishers and there is a wealth of information here that contributes a great deal of perspective for both aspiring and seasoned authors. I especially enjoyed your insights regarding the evolving world of electronic publishing; I am currently working to create an eBook of A Paris Moment, and I feel much more confident now that I have read your insightful information about building a platform in order to enhance marketing. Keep up the good work!
    Gord Cope

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