In the interest of scientific investigation …

This afternoon, Dennis and I read this very interesting article: Why do cats love chilling out in boxes so much? Scientists could have the answer

We already knew all four cats who currently own us have a strange affinity to cardboard boxes. But we’d never heard about the “Circle Theory” so we decided to conduct a controlled experiment with a couple of members of the herd (the two that weren’t sleeping) and set out a circle in the middle of the living room floor.

Zoom, not surprisingly, was first to inspect this new phenomenon.


And she was inside within, oh, about 2 seconds!


Once, Zoom had had enough, Emme needed to take a turn …


She seemed to be quite proud of herself and spent a much longer time just sitting there. Not once, however, would she look at the camera.

So our scientific experiment was a success! Two out of two cats at The View prefer the security given them by a simple circle of socks. And Emme is back in there now as I type …

But neither Dennis nor I ever expected our experiment would attract anything other than cats!


No animals were injured in this experiment. However, the Canada Goose behaved in a wooden manner.


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  1. I love this post. You guys are kind of whacky.
    I have always owned Great Danes and they do the circling thing before they lie down. They will always either circle 5 or 7 times around before they actually lie down. I have never seen them circle an even number of times. I looked into it some time ago (this circling activity) and it turns out it is some type of instinctual activity that involves the compressing of tall grass into a circular bed (back before dogs had futons and pillows and blankets to lay on).
    Children like boxes too, and forts. Hmmm!?

    1. Yes, cats sometimes circle like that, and it’s based on the same instinct. Funny!

    2. And you’re correct – we can be kinda whacky at times!

  2. That was funny. My daughter was going to mail something to me and put the box down ready to pack. Before she could, one of her two cats discovered it and took over. She emailed the picture of the cat curled up inside.

    1. Cats are so predictable! I also emptied a box and set it on the floor. When I came around the corner of the kitchen island, there was Emme sitting inside the box looking up at me with that smug look on her face. 🙂

  3. I’ll have to try this with Cricket and Lettuce!

    1. Please let us know the results if you do this! And, just to update, when Dennis was up in the middle of the night, he discovered Emme sitting in the middle of the circle. All by herself in the living room. Then she was there again this morning while we were drinking our coffee on the verandah. She seemed to love that circle and looked very disappointed when we finally put the socks back into their drawers …

  4. That’s so funny! After reading the article you posted on Facebook, my daughter and I tried to do the same thing. The cats wouldn’t sit in the circle. They looked at us with great suspicion. They LOVE boxes, though. We currently have a large ski-boot box sitting by the front door. It looks trashy, but I don’t have the heart to move it. The cats really like it there.

    1. I just bet that, if you left that cats alone in the room with the circle, they would all eventually sit inside it.

  5. That is so interesting. Maybe acting lessons for the goose?

  6. That’s just cute. I can’t help but think of fairy circles and mushroom rings. Cats being an adored ancient species. Maybe some spell was passed long ago….

    1. One of the boys strolled into the living room after I’d already posted this and immediately sat inside the circle. He’s there again now, I see. You may be correct, Susan! Griz certainly looks as though he’s under some kind of spell.

  7. That’s awesome! I posted about cat circles a month or so ago, and invited my followers to test it out. Reports were that it works every time. (We’re a dog family.)

    1. Does it work with dogs, too?

      1. No. They eat the socks, and the rope, and the hose, and the…

  8. I didn’t just like this post, I loved it! Thanks for making me smile this evening. : )

    1. I just knew you would enjoy this!

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