#Authors #Marketing Yourself and Your Work Part ONE

Reblogging the first part of my 5-Part series on marketing that’s running on Chris The Story Reading Ape’s blog!

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The following is an extract from a talk delivered at the Calgary Public Library in Feb. 2011.

Part 1

Before I begin, please watch this video:


I’ve named these two characters Wannabe Author (WA) and Real Author(RA).

How many of you have ever said any of the things Wannabe Author says in this video? Come on, be honest. Okay, then, how many of you have heard other writers say any of these things? And, like Real Author, haven’t you just wanted to put them and everyone else out of their misery by ignoring whatever they say? Obviously, Wannabe Author is the least promotable kind of author. First of all, Wannabe is never likely to be published, so will be of little worry to the publishing industry anyway. WA is not listening to an experienced author, knows nothing about the publishing business, and thinks the path to…

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5 responses

  1. This is fabulous, Susan!

  2. I loved the article! Would you ever consider coming to the Edmonton Public Library to give a talk? I promise you we’ll check the WAs for steak knives before you speak!

    1. Thanks, Connie! If invited, I’d go anywhere. However, now with Skype, I could speak anywhere that has the technology to receive and broadcast.

      1. This is definitely something to discuss!

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