Paul Quarrington

It’s been 5 years ago today that Paul Quarrington passed away, so I’m reblogging this tribute I wrote at that time. Thanks, Paul!

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I just heard the news that Paul Quarrington has passed away, at the age of 56. He was an accomplished author, musician, and filmmaker, well-known, appreciated, and respected across Canada. Paul was also my writing mentor when I took the Humber School of Creative Writing program, online, in 2006. I had the opportunity to meet him only twice since then, the last in Nov. 2009 when he was performing with his band, The Porkbelly Futures, in Calgary. Diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer the previous June, he had made this trip to Calgary, in spite of the fact that he had recently begun undergoing treatment that left him exhausted and in pain. He literally wheezed his way through a few sets that evening at The Ironwood, having explained in a newspaper article published the previous day that he believed in the healing powers of music and in continuing on with…

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  1. Paul Quarrington was indeed, an imperfect, lovely, talented and unforgettable man. I met him at WordFest in Calgary.

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