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Thanks to blogger/reviewer/editor, roughseasinthemed, for inviting me to answer questions about reviews and contribute to this thoughtful post she has written on the subject, Views and Reviews. Please do read what roughseas, T.B. Markinson and I have to say on the subject. Make a comment there while you’re at it. We’d love to hear what you think about reviews – whether you are an author or a reviewer of books.

Also, check out the original post roughseas wrote in July 2014, I’m reviewing … on what a professional reviewer considers when reviewing books.

And, last but not least, you may read roughseas’ review of my novel, Island in the Clouds, here.

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  1. Your post “I’m reviewing” provided considerable insight into what a reviewer encounters and I think writers would be wise to take heed. I’m especially sympathetic to any reviewer who finds him/herself reading work with spelling and grammatical errors, inconsistencies in character description, faulty facts, etc. Then if the plot is a bore – well …
    Some mistakes are inevitable – after all new writers have a lot to learn. But to not even take the time to self-edit and polish a piece of work as best as one can before asking for a review is foolhardy to say the least. That indicates to me that the writer’s chances of becoming successful at this craft are very slim indeed!

  2. Thank you Susan. I forgot to mention to you that I don’t have the reblog button set, but I do put it on if people ask, but a pingback serves as well I think. Your gorgeous photos are being appreciated especially the sunset one I chose as a featured image. Thanks again for your sterling cooperation and going that extra mile, as ever.

    1. I’m happy to send readers you way to read your blog posts in their entirety! Thanks again for including me in this!

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