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I’m pleased to reblog this profile of Tricia Drammeh today, not only because she’s a terrific author and very supportive of the writing community, but also because her profile was posted by Chris The Story Reading Ape!

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I’m Tricia Drammeh, wife, mother, and author. I’ve lived in Ohio, Georgia, California, and Missouri, but now make my home in New Hampshire with my husband and four kids. By day, I’m a number-slinger who works in accounting, but at night, I venture into the world of books.

I’ve been a book junkie since the time I could remember. I was one of those kids who loved it when the teacher gave us a new book for Christmas, and I always had a book (or two) to read. As a young child, I loved the Little House on the Prairie books and Nancy Drew. By eighth grade, I was reading Gone with the Wind, and anything by Stephen King or S.E. Hinton. My all time favorite authors are Anne Rice and J.K. Rowling. I’m also a huge fan of Lord of the Rings.

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  1. Many thanks to you, Susan, Tricia, and Chris for this great interview.

    1. Thank you, Suzanne for reading and commenting!

  2. Thank you for sharing, Susan! ❤

  3. A DOUBLE THANK YOU to you Susan for re-blogging 😀

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