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I’m up for The Banana of Destiny challenge from Chris The Story Reading Ape … and, if you are an author, you should be too!! Check out what Mr. Ape has to offer you by way of marketing what you write on his blog.

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Making the past blogging year such a GREAT success – without YOUR contributions, comments, visits, likes, re-blogs, tweets, shares online in Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, et al, it would not have happened.

AUTHORS – You’ve seen my stats (if not, click HERE)

I say again – My blog is an independent and FREE Author Promotion Platform for YOU to use to promote yourself to an ever growing audience ( this is called MARKETING).


If you are NOT already in my Authors Hall of Fame, click HERE and send me YOUR Guest Author article (see the other benefits of doing this)

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I can promote you in a myriad of ways by posting your articles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, StumbleUpon.

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  1. MANY Thanks for your support Susan 😀

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