Why I ♥ My Editor!

Rachel Small is the best editor a writer – THIS writer! – could ask for! During an email correspondence yesterday she said something that I thought was quote-worthy, so I asked Chris Graham (aka The Story Reading Ape) to create one of those handy-dandy quote boxes so I could share this with the world! (I also asked Rachel’s permission to make what she said into a quotable-quote.)

Ed Quote for Susan 02 Framed

And, if you require any more convincing as to why I state wholeheartedly that Editors in general, and my Editor in particular, are the best human beings on earth, here’s a blog post I wrote on the subject and reblogged in May of this year.

If you’re interested in Rachel Small‘s editing services, check out her website here – and do tell her I sent you!

Come to think of it, I was still in my PJs when I wrote this blog post …

9 responses

  1. My work always improves under the guidance of a skilled editor. I’m so glad I learned this lesson early on! And thanks for helping me find Rachel Small.

    1. As I said before, a good editor is worth their weight in gold and we should never skimp on paying them for the job they do, because they always make us look better.

    1. Thanks for reblogging, Mr. Ape! More bananas coming your way …

      1. Keep ’em comin’ Susan 😀 😀 😀

  2. Writers like you are why I love my job so much, Sue 🙂

    1. Aw, shucks! This is a mutual admiration society, now!

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