…dear friend, Authoress, Susan M. Toy… a giantess in promoting the rest of we quill-scrapers…

I’m reblogging for #MondayBlogs this guest post I wrote for Seumas Gallacher’s blog.

Seumas Gallacher

…when yeez have been bouncing around on the self-publishing carousel for a few years, yeez learn who the ‘real’ people are… the ones who ‘get’ it… we are all only as strong as our pals and supporters across the SOSYAL NETWURKS… now and again, yeez’ll discover a few who do NUTHIN for emb’dy else, and become the ultimate parasitical ‘takers’… they don’t usually stick around very long… and then yeez have the absolute stalwarts, who rejoice in giving the proverbial ’leg-up’ to their fellow scribblers… none does this more consistently than my Guest Blogger on this piece… the marvellous Susan M.Toy… I just LUV her story below… the lady is immersed in this business… she’s been there and done it… and got the T-shirt!… have a read:

From Local to Global: eBooks – promoting Authors to International Status

Fame won't change me...


When I moved from Ontario to…

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