2012 – A Year of Alberta Books Canada Literary Salons

I thought it was time to revisit a promotion concept I organized while I was still living in Alberta, since an author friend in Ontario is now organizing her first salon (of what I hope will be a series) and also because I posted a comment on another author friend’s blog today outlining what I was doing to promote authors and reading back in 2012. I really would like to explore the concept of “online” salons at some time or another, too.

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Since Nov. 2011, Alberta Books Canada hosted a series of literary salons in Calgary that brought together readers with Alberta authors in the intimate setting of a private home for readings and discussions about books and writing. Now that this series has come to an end, I wanted to recap all the salons and share with everyone a list of the authors who took part.

What made these salons different from the usual readings in bookstores and libraries, besides being held in private homes, is that they were based on the model of music house parties where the audience is charged an admission fee and all money collected is paid to the artists. My intention in setting up the salons in this way was so the authors would receive payment for having entertained us, and the audience would realize they should not expect authors to perform for free. After all…

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    1. Aw, thanks, Rachel! I think you were one of those who made it to every one of them. I really appreciated your support!

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