Williamson Road Public School, Toronto – 100th Anniversary!

I’m in Toronto this weekend to attend the 100th anniversary of the public (primary) school I attended from 1957-1965 – that’s Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6. Among our family photos, I found some of the class pictures we’d kept all these decades. I asked my friend Jim to scan them this morning so I would have a digital record and be able to share with everyone on the internet.

So many names and kids I’ve forgotten, but a few were with me all the way through Williamson, Glen Ames Senior Public, and Malvern Collegiate Institute. Am hoping to catch up with more of the kids who are in these photos over the weekend at the school ceremonies.

Congratulations, Williamson Road Public School, on 100 years of successfully educating generations of children in The Beach in Toronto!

Junior Kindergarten - 1957-58

Grade 4 - 1962-63

Grade 5 - 1963-64

Grade 6 - 1964-65


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  1. Have a wonderful time. Your class photos brought back memories – I must dig mine out next time I visit my mother.

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