On Second Drafts …

Since I am currently helping a writer by editing his first draft so he may then work on the second draft … and, since I hope to be working again soon on rewriting, editing, and preparing the “second” draft (it’s actually about the 11th draft, but who’s counting?) of my own second novel, I found this blog post published today by Chuck Wendig, AKA terribleminds, to be an excellent pep-talk and encouragement in an often daunting, but necessary, part of this writing business.

This is a post that writers should bookmark and go back to reread on a regular basis – not only for the information on how to tackle working on a second draft, but also just so you know YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and that most, if not all, authors struggle at this point in the writing process. And that you should struggle.

Remember … Write Fast, Edit Slow(ly). Even if the time taken in editing does not fit into your publishing agenda then rework your agenda to allow for a good thorough edit so that, in the end, you produce a book that is THE BEST IT CAN BE!!!

After all, you owe this to your future readers.

Here’s a handy-dandy guide I found online to help you with this concept:

Practice Fast Writing & Slow Editing – From New Connections, May 2013, by Sonja K. Foss & William Waters
FstWritingSlw Rev_Handouts

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  1. […] https://islandeditions.wordpress.com/2014/10/08/on-second-drafts/ – Brilliant advice on second drafts, this quote, ‘Write Fast, Edit Slow(ly)’ especially caught my attention! […]

  2. I’m currently working on a second draft. Actually, it’s more like the ninth. It’s definitely slow going. It’s good to know I’m not alone and that it’s supposed to be rough. One day I’ll have a nice, shiny finished product to show for all my work. Thanks for this timely post.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Tricia! Best of luck with that second draft!

  3. Perfectly timed post, Susan. I’m on the cusp of diving into my 1st draft to unearth that 2nd draft and found both your and Chuck’s blogs strangely calming. Knowing we all go through this each and every time is comforting. Thanks for your post!

    1. Glad to be of help, JP! I’ll be thinking of you now as I work on my own second draft. Perhaps we should arrange for specific times when we can lift glasses of wine, each in our own corner of the internet, in commiseration for what the other is going through …

      1. Absolutely! I’m still putting distance between drafts, but I’ll start soon. Keep a glass handy!

  4. Timothy Phillips

    I need to hear this often. As time consuming as it might seem, I want my book to be as good as it can and less likely to make me wince ten years d own the road.

    1. That’s what I like to hear, Tim!

  5. Clicking over. Encouragement always welcomed (bookmarking is useful!)

    1. Thanks for your continuing support, philosophermouse!

    1. Thanks for reading, Mishka!

  6. This is such wonderful advice. Thanks for the heads-up!

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