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I’m not in this business so much for the money as I am for gaining recognition for what I and others have written, so what this blogger says about sharing information about our books is definitely important and one sure-fire way you too may help us find new readers – and people who will buy our books. And who will then tell their friends …

Author Mysti Parker

Being an author is a difficult and often lonely business. Yes, I said business, because soon as we put something out there for retail sale, we’ve officially evolved from hobby to business. The vast majority of us are indie authors, whether self-published, small press-published, or freelance, which means support in terms of both financial and word-of-mouth is vital. Without the six figure backing of  a “big six” publisher, we are small business owners, just like the guy who owns the diner down the street or the woman who owns the consignment shop or the friend who sells Avon. Quotation-Georgia-Whybird-sadness-Meetville-Quotes-224378

Often our efforts to spread the word and sell our product fall on deaf ears, lost in the crowd of the millions of other authors out there trying to do the same. Many times, support can feel very one-sided, particularly when we have done a great deal to support family and friends in…

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  1. Thanks for reblogging. That is an important post – left comment there.
    We can all help.

    1. Thanks for your help, philosophermouse!

      1. Planning a post about this too – just need some time
        “Little” people can make an impact if motivated. Enjoy your day!

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