Isn’t it time?

WE – US – ME … the individual people in this world need to take back OUR responsibility to look after ourselves and our world. It’s become too easy for people to sit back and say, “The government will take care of that,” or “Some big star’s foundation will organize people and pay for that to happen.” No, they won’t. It’s up to individual people to look around and see what THEY can do (and without having to be paid for their efforts – this is called volunteerism, folks!) and get doing it! As the Ape says in this blog post, “YOU – YES – little YOU – CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.” We can, we really can.

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As anyone who follows my blog knows, I indulge in the occasional RANT after something has rammed my tree and disturbed my usual peace loving nature.

The atrocities and disturbing events we hear on the news nowadays are not new.

They’ve been around for as long as Apes (especially Hominids) have existed.

What IS new is the ease with which these events are spread around the world for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

In fact, even the deaf and blind are also aware of them through the ‘miracles’ of technology.

This is why I thought I’d share the quote below.

Not to upset or disturb anyone, but to remind everyone that YOU – YES – little YOU – CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Look around you at what Humanity has achieved.

Look around you and see what some ‘Human’ deviants are doing to destroy these…

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