Editors – God’s Gift to Every Writer.

A very good assessment of the author/editor relationship, to which I will add that this is truly a “relationship” and should never be a battle between the two parties. A relationship that should ultimately produce the best book possible. Period!

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  1. I read her post and found it interesting. The relationship is paramount, and I hope I achieve that. But what is also key is an understanding of what is required and what will be done. Both sides need to sign up to that.

    I tell my authors what I will do and what I expect from them. In return, they can tell me what they want. Part of the problem is that many authors don’t know what is needed. Or, tbh, what is cost effective. It is pointless asking for a full dev edit for a poorly written book. It’s wasting everyone’s time.

    Interestingly, and I know I’m generalising, the poor writers are the ones who brush off suggestions of how to improve. The better ones always accept suggestions.

    1. Thanks for commenting on this, roughseainthemed! I believe you are absolutely correct in your final paragraph (throughout, but in this paragraph in particular). The best classes I studied as an author were all in learning how to edit – not because they taught me how to edit my own writing, but that I learned how to work with editors.

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