Interview with Author/Blogger/Publisher Susan Toy

Thanks so much to Janice Spina for hosting me in this interview on her blog!


 Susan Toy

Please welcome, Susan Toy, who has many titles – multi-talented author, blogger, and publisher to my Guest Blog Segment. Thank you, Susan, for coming today.

Can you please tell my readers and me a little about yourself and how you started in the publishing business?

I first worked as a bookseller, fresh out of university. I became a publishers’ sales rep about twelve years later. My partner and I moved out of Canada in 1996 and I was essentially “retired” until I decided to write a novel. Realizing then that, while I knew a great deal about how books were sold, I knew very little about how they were written, I enrolled in an online writing program. After that I moved on to an online publishing program and took editing classes as part of it. I loved learning online, especially as I was able to work from the…

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  1. It was my pleasure, Susan! You are an accomplished and lovely person. I wish you well and much success in your endeavors. Keep in touch. Xo

  2. Just been over to read that and left a comment (in moderation), I very much enjoyed it 🙂

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