Papaya Leaf Juice … right under our noses!

The other day, I posted Chikungunya – you cannot begin to imagine … to explain what it is we’ve all been going through while suffering from this mosquito-borne disease with the funny name. I had been led to believe there is no cure for the virus, and while that still may be true, we’ve heard from several people now that they have been drinking juice squeezed from papaya leaves – a fruit tree that grows quickly and is predominant throughout the tropics. This juice helps to speed up the healing process and alleviate some of the more nasty symptoms. So Dennis decided to give it a whirl.

We read all about it online at this link.

I’ve now consumed two doses of this foul-tasting liquid (yesterday and this morning), and according to the others who have taken it, I should be noticing a difference within the next day or two. Unfortunately, we don’t have a juicer and the blender died on us, so Dennis had to “juice” the leaf using the food processor. It was a long slog, but it finally worked and I was able to drink at least an ounce of juice each time.

Here’s the photo proof:




So here’s hoping all that work to extract such a little, tiny amount of juice was worth it. I’m cautiously optimistic at the moment that I’m beginning to feel better …

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  5. I sure hope this works for you Susan.

  6. I sure hope it works. That looks nasty.

  7. Been there, done that. I didn’t have success, although others do swear by it. Sure do hope that it works for you! : )

    1. Thanks, Gwen! Sorry it didn’t help you at all. I’m still hoping … and drinking coconut water, too!

  8. So sorry to hear how ill you have been. I hope the papaya works for you as it has for others.

  9. P is for papaya and placebo! I sure hope it works for you…

    1. Hey! Even if the juice only tricks my brain into thinking I’m better, I’m all for that!

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