So Your Friend Is an Author…

Thanks to The Story Reading Ape for reblogging and bringing Chris McMullen’s blog to my attention. If your friend is an author, here’s how you may support him or her when they’ve published a book. Reading, comments and reviews are always welcome, but Chris suggests so many other ways you can do your part to support your friend, the Author.



Amazing, Isn’t It?

Yes. It is.

How many authors do you actually know?

Now your friend is one.

The key word there is friend.

This was your friend before. Becoming an author doesn’t change that.

Sure, you can tease your friend about this, if your relationship ordinarily involves teasing.

But your friendship is based on more than just teasing:

  • You support one another. Even if one of you writes a book.
  • You’re honest with one another. Even if you think the book isn’t quite, well, you know.
  • You know each other well. How to get on one another’s nerves. How to put things gently. So you can figure out the right way to share honest feedback.
  • You motivate one another. So in addition to honest feedback, you’ll provide encouragement, motivation, and direction.

Your friend wrote a book. That’s a huge accomplishment. Treat it as such.

There are some things you…

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  1. That was an interesting read. The only point I would disagree with is about authors asking for reviews. I have no problem with that, although preferably not in their book. But I see nothing wrong with authors offering review copies on social media, or contacting booky people directly. I’d prefer that, than to be approached by a ‘friend’. I guess we’re all different.

    1. I think the problem for most friends who are not writers is that they may not realize how much more effective they can be by telling other friends what they think of our books instead of just telling the authors. But I know what you mean, and I try not to sound too needy for reviews. A few more are always nice to receive, though! 😉

      1. It’s probably my background. I expect authors to send out review copies and hopefully achieve some. How else are they going to get them, but I’m basing that on ye olden days of printing.

        Still, I don’t think authors should be shy about it, and if I’m interested in an author, I’ll ask for a review copy. When I accept a review copy, I will write a review.

        I’ve done an interview as part of a book tour for an author and she make some interesting points about reviews. Can’t remember what date it’s scheduled for, some time next month I think. I’ll be posting Bequia first, I hope though.

      2. Thanks for your support, roughseainthemed! We need to discover more reviewers like you.

      3. Not always. I might not like something! While I do try and be positive to indie publishers, there are some I am not willing to publicise. And I think I have to be honest, easy with yours, I enjoyed it. But some just arent my thing. Mix of style and subject, so careful, about my reviews… Read what I wrote about Rowling.

      4. I should have qualified that by saying honest reviewers. Anyone can write a 5-star, rave review, but few are willing to be honest about what they have read and are able to explain why they did or didn’t enjoy a book. I appreciate an honest review over one that is just out to flatter for friendly reasons.

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