AUTHORS Don’t be TWITS when TWEETING and making Online ‘Friends’!

I’m reblogging this post from The Story Reading Ape, because he outlines EXACTLY the mistakes I’ve discovered that too many authors have been making when trying to promote themselves.

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As someone who makes online contact with authors on a daily basis, there are a few things that actually IRK me (not a pretty sight), so please excuse me while I arrange this soapbox more comfortably and elaborate further.

These irk-making issues are not unique to me and have been expressed by many people – including many non-irk making authors – so unless you want to LOSE potential readers, fans and friends, you need to STOP doing the following IMMEDIATELY on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Goodreads, Shefari, Librarything, et al:

Making your first contact with the immortal words:

Get my books at ***************

LIKE my FB Page at ***************

Follow my Website / blog at ***************

And similar well meant (?), but self-centred sayings!!!!!

Think about it for a few moments – WHY did this person start Following / Liking / Send you a Friend / Connection Request?

Is it…

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  1. Well said! Although authors need to promote themselves and their work – I think there is a fine line on how to do it. Anything that blatantly indicates that all an author is interested in is selling his or her books is a definite turn-off. I agree that authors will lose followers rather than gain them. The best promoters of your books are those that have read them and like them – then proceed to tell others. If your work really is well-done – it will eventually get noticed – but it does take time. If your work is not well-done, then you’re just wasting your time anyway.

    1. So true! Thanks, Sharon!

  2. Thanks for the support Susan πŸ˜€

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