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Here’s another reblog of an older post from Nov. 16, 2013, when I was dealing with a similar situation as today. It’s all over now though, Baby Blue! Phew!

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A couple of weeks ago, I read, liked, and shared a blog post written by a publishing professional I follow. Since the topic was about getting published – a topic with which I have some experience – I posted a comment on the blog, offering my “opinion”. I tried to keep what I said as positive, but as realistic, as possible, because that’s the kind of person I am. Let them down gently, but offer hope, if they’re willing to follow the rules. Several people wrote to compliment me on what I had said. But several others took exception with my opinion (and it was just my opinion, after all), stating that I was completely wrong, that their attempts to get published had been an entirely different experience, so therefore I obviously didn’t know what I was talking about. Please note that none of these people ever mentioned that they…

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  1. Oh, yes. I’ve experienced something like this more than once. I’m not a confrontational person, so it’s very traumatic. I don’t mind discourse and disagreement, but when someone personally attacks you and insults you, it’s a horrible feeling. I can understand why it would send you into writer’s block. If you ignore the trolls, they might not go away immediately, but they’ll eventually get bored with you. They live for conflict, so if you take that away from them, they’ll go elsewhere.

    1. Thanks, Tricia, for reading commenting again! Always appreciated.

  2. It’s hard to avoid letting the buggers get you down isn’t it? I wish I could say something helpful at this point. As it is all I can add is that many people seem to feel a sense of entitlement these days which their behaviour doesn’t warrant. And there seem to be an awful lot of them on the internet. For what IRS worth, if they’re just shouting the same thing at me again and again, and being personally insulting instead of putting a cogent argument for their case I tend to just point that out to them and then walk. Then I spend some time where I know there are good and reasonable folks until the scars have healed over.

    Don’t let the gits get to you.



    1. Thanks, MT! It always helps to know that bloggers and authors like you and many others who are using the Internet seriously have got my back. And that we all support each other. That’s something the gits haven’t figured out yet – by posting comments as they do they have essentially sequestered themselves away from this great community to which we already belong.

  3. Author Rebecca Heishman

    I’ve recently retreated from a lot of Facebook activity because I’ve grown weary of some of the despicable behavior and comments that were coming from some of my ‘friends.’ Then, I realized that these people aren’t my friends at all, and never were. They were simply ‘friends of friends,’ and I wouldn’t sit and have a beer with these people because I don’t respect them as people. So, I’ve changed my ways. I unfriended some people who never were my friends. These days, I’m spending valuable time on my own personal projects and dreams and goals because I’m getting old, and I know I’ll not live to be an old woman. I’m a realist. I’m a nurse. And, I’m sick. I’ve got to do this now, or it won’t get done. I no longer roll the Facebook red carpet out for writers who don’t support me. (You’re not in that group.) There is a lot of ego amongst many of our writer buddies. They want support, but they don’t support others. So, I’m busy with my own work now. And, I’m sure that my life will improve.

    1. I know it will improve! I admire your attitude, Becky. Now, go get ’em!

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