I’m negative on negativity

Here’s a reblog of a post I wrote in 2011 when I was living in Canada, but visiting Bequia while a federal election was going on. Now I’m visiting Canada during a provincial (Ontario) election campaign, and what I wrote several years ago still is relevant. #MondayBlogs

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This Pollyanna exterior I portray is not an act. Most of the time, I sport a positive outlook – about my life, my business, the people I work with, my friends, and the state of the world in general (in spite of all the non-human-made tragedies we’ve witnessed recently). This hasn’t always been me in my life, but after the agony of a mid-life crisis during which I spun off in a direction I never expected to take, I try to avoid negative thoughts, negative people, and generally see the positive in, well, everything. So it was with pleasure that I realized I would be away from Canada for three weeks of this current unnecessary election, and would not be constantly barraged by reminders of just exactly why I have become apolitical. Okay, maybe not without a political conscience altogether, but I still believe that Canada’s voting is relatively secret…

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  1. Yes, I’m not sure why negativity in so rampant in many aspects of our lives. We have so much to be thankful for – such as comfortable homes, good educational and healthcare systems (despite the many cut-backs over the years), religious and political freedoms and we live in relative peace. These are all big things – so why is there so much negativity regarding smaller stuff? Perhaps humans just aren’t happy unless they’re complaining!!

    1. I think you’ve hit it, Sharon! Or maybe it’s that they can’t see they actually have the power to change their attitude, change from being negative, and choose instead to blame everyone else for all those problems, laying the responsibility for their own resulting negativity on the shoulders of someone else. Who knows? I’m just saying that I’ve chosen not to be negative and ignore those who seem to make it their job in life to be negative about everything.

      Thanks for commenting, Sharon!

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