“Nathan Burgoine’s First Lammy’s – his blog post about attending the 26th Annual Lambda Literary Awards

‘Nathan Burgoine was previously featured on my other blog, Reading Recommendations, just a week ago on May 30, 2014. I discovered after posting this that his first novel, Light, had been nominated for a LAMBDA Award and he would be attending the awards ceremony in New Youk City held this past Monday evening. ‘Nathan has written a blog post of his own about this experience, and what he says about the sense of community and belonging to a group really hit a chord with me.

From ‘Nathan’s blog:

@NathanBurgoine: Because the majority of the time we’re not born to LGBT families,
and often have to go find our own. Stories can be maps. #OutWriters

When I arrived in New York for my first ever Lambda Literary Awards, I was nervous. I was actually a little surprised I was nervous, but there it was. After so many years of going to the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival I thought I had my own bumbling social stutters under control. When I go to Saints and Sinners, I am relaxed. I have a great time. I meet wonderful people, discuss books and writing, and walk away ready to challenge myself all over again. I thought that would translate to the award ceremony, but it didn’t.

Please read the blog post in its entirety here: My first #Lammys – the 26th Annual Lambda Literary Awards

Congratulations on the nomination, ‘Nathan! And please keep writing!

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