I ♥ My Editor!

I’m reblogging an old post from July 28, 2011 for all those writers out there who believe they don’t need an editor … EVERY WRITER NEEDS AN EDITOR!!! I’m just sayin’ and I thought it was a good time to repeat the message.

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My editor, Rachel Small of Faultless Finish Editing, is the best! She’s dedicated to her vocation, is accurate, listens to her clients, and not only provides a quality edit that rids manuscripts of error, but also offers brilliant suggestions on how the text and story can be improved further for the benefit of the reader. And I love her for that, because she’s taking my writing – and me as a writer – to a new level. Rachel helps me see through all my beloved words and precious darlings with clear eyes that show me exactly where my writing is weak, where I need to beef up the story, where I must indeed hack off limbs in order to save the body of the manuscript, and where I excel and actually do something right – without false praise or flattery. If it sucks, she tells me so! Tough love…

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  1. Thanks for the love, Sue!! I *heart* you too.

    1. *BEST* Editor in the World! Thanks for making me look so good, Rach!

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