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Three years later, a different business and location for me, and I’m still in the same situation as I found myself in this blog post from Mar. 15, 2011. Where does the time go?? Reblogging here for #MondayBlogs

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I attended a get-together of women who work with words – a group an editor and I put together, because we both work at home alone most of the time and wanted a way of connecting with like-minded women, mainly to keep us from going stir-crazy! The subject of finding time to write came up, and a couple of women told us they write in their cars – parked, of course – one while waiting for her daughter to finish school, and the other in a park or pleasant setting. When I was living in Toronto a few years ago, I would sit on a park bench at the boardwalk and write longhand. And Coffee Shop Author, the contest, was born as a result of my having spent hours writing at The Remarkable Bean. Many writers swear by retreats as their way of allowing them time to focus on their…

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  1. The universal struggle. I like the idea of a schedule as well, but as you say, it takes discipline – and not just from us. The other people in our lives have to stick to it too and my son, especially, is a very random particle. School hours can be guaranteed but there are many events etc for parents that ensure we seldom have the full school day. And I have to go to those. Because McMini will only be little once, after all.

    So I just busk it but try to be sure that when I sit down with the computer or note pad, I know exactly what I’m going to try and do.



    1. That’s the best way to tackle it for me, too. Not much time so be sure you’re prepared before going in. Thanks for the comment, MT!

  2. I think we all must struggle with not having enough time to do what we really want to do – which is WRITE!! There always seems to be more pressing real-life demands whether it be paid work, family, or whatever. Yet, always putting ourselves and our needs last is not good for our souls either. When I finally realized this, I decided to designate “me” time, whether this was a weekend retreat (where I said I will NOT feel guilty for taking this time, because my needs are important too!), or just setting aside even an hour every night before I went to bed. Real life still gets in the way so that even an hour of writing per day is not always possible. But when my writing is going well and I feel as though I’m on a roll – I will not allow the mundane things in life to break the spell. The laundry can pile up, the house might be a mess and my family might need to eat out. But oh, well – I’m enjoying life and the writing process, and I will NOT feel guilty. Life is too short.

    1. You are absolutely correct, Sharon! Thanks for commenting.

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